Three reasons why Trump can never give up on ROK

There are three reasons why President Trump will never give up on the Republic of Korea.

First, American national interest is tied to Korea.

Second, Trump’s personal and political interest is tied to Korea.

Third, failure in Korea will mean that Trump has failed his core supporters.

1. Let’s look at the first reason, the national interest of the United States.

(a) If the Republic of Korea, or South Korea, is lost to communism, then America will have lost the entire Korean Peninsula to communism. This would be a devastating loss in military terms, economic terms, as well as diplomatic and political terms.

Furthermore, if the Korean Peninsula becomes communist, President Trump will not be able to avoid responsibility. This is an absurd outcome. It doesn’t match who Trump is.

Trump has surrounded himself with the best advisors. John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, James Mattis, Gina Haspel. There’s no way these individuals do not know the situation in Korea. We can be sure they are keeping Trump well informed. If communism comes to South Korea, the Republic of Korea we know now will disappear. South Korea will become just like North Korea. Since the Republic of Korea’s founding, no country has been a closer partner than America. If communism comes to South Korea, the US will lose all they invested in the Republic of Korea for the past 70 years, and Trump will lose respect and credibility from his own people: The Americans.

(b) If the Korean Peninsula becomes communist, all of Northeast Asia will eventually fall to communism.

The fall of South Korea would be the first step in communizing all of Northeast Asia. Japan is nervous. They know they cannot prevent this just by themselves.

If Korea, China, and Japan become communist, then it’s only a matter of time before the South Asian countries fall. Communism is like cancer. Once it develops, it keeps spreading.

(c) If the Asia-Pacific region is lost to communism, that will mark the start of America’s decline as the world’s most powerful nation.

As the world’s most powerful country, the US has a responsibility towards the rest of the world. Exercising that responsibility properly also benefits the US national interest.

President Trump has nominated Admiral Harry Harris, the head of the US Pacific Command, to be the next US Ambassador to South Korea. Trump’s pick is another signal that he has taken aim at China.

If the US loses the Asia-Pacific region, China will take over. President Trump will not let that happen.

History teaches us that loss of naval power and maritime leadership can have severe consequences for a country’s status as a world power. Just look at imperial Spain and Britain. If the US gives up maritime control to communist China, which is ruled by a thug regime, the US will begin to decline as a world power. Trump is no fool. He will not let this happen.

2. The second reason why President Trump will never give up on the Republic of Korea is his own political interest.

Trump has already announced that he will run for re-election in 2020. His announcement was the fastest in US history.

Reagan was famous for bringing about the collapse of the Soviet Union. Trump can do the same thing to China. If he does, that would mean 8 years of Trump and 8 years of Pence.

Obama, Clinton, and Kissinger worked hard to destroy America. But Trump is now working hard to Make America Great Again. He is restoring America to the America that it should be. To fulfill his vision, he needs the maximum 8 years. That’s why he has already announced his plan to run for re-election. What will guarantee not just 8 years of Trump, but 8 years of Pence? A perfect solution to the crisis on the Korean Peninsula.

What is the perfect solution?

First, South Korea’s Moon Jae-in must be ousted.

Second, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un must be removed.

Third, Park Geun-hye must be restored to the Blue House where she rightfully belongs at this moment.

Fourth, completion of the first three steps will automatically lead to the reunification of the Korean Peninsula under a liberal democracy.

Fifth, the US can then construct a strong military base by the Yalu, or Amnok, River on the border between the Korean Peninsula and China.

Sixth, the US can then exert even greater pressure on communist China.

Seventh, communist China will collapse. Period.

Doing this would not just Make America Great Again, it would Make the World Great Again.

3. The third reason why President Trump can never give up on Korea is because of his core supporters.

A large part of Trump’s base are military and Christian conservatives. These supporters are motivated by a sense of purpose that has a common set of values as its foundation. If the first two reasons why Trump can never give up on Korea represent 2%, this third reason represents the remaining 98%.

Trump’s campaign slogan and promise was “Make America Great Again”. “MAGA”.

How do we Make America Great Again? By defeating the Globalist forces.

In an early campaign speech, Trump declared, “We will no longer surrender this country, or its people, to the false song of Globalism.” Did he really mean it? Or was it just a show for political purposes?

The war brewing on the Korean Peninsula is the front line of the fight against Globalism. The Globalists have been set back, but they are recharging and re-tooling to attack America again. Handing over the Korean Peninsula to Kissinger and the Globalists is equal to giving them a stepping stone for making a comeback. That would be high treason. Trump is not a fool. He will not let that happen.

Christian conservatives are motivated by values, not profit. They are a value-centered community. Their values are the power that moves America.

Obama’s America was an America that sought personal profit first. Trump’s supporters do not want to repeat that mistake.

If Trump disappoints America’s Christian conservatives, his political life is over.

The Judeo-Christian values of the blood alliance between Korea, America, and Israel are the values of absolute friendship.

Right now, however, Korea is not doing its part. Korea has a role to play.

If Korea wants to make demands of President Trump, it must do its part too.

If the Korean Patriots live, Trump lives.

If Trump lives, the Korean Patriots live.

If the Republic of Korea lives, Trump lives. If Trump lives, the Republic of Korea lives.

Therefore, Trump can never give up Korea.


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