★Eight Cities, One Affair. Connecting the Dots

[TePyung TV]

May 14th, 2018

[Eugene Kim, Esq.]

□ Washington, Wednesday, May 9th After President Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal, Obama, in a rare move since he left office, issued a public statement criticizing the decision as a mistake.

While Obama was in office, Iran maintained its weapons programs with the help of a secret deal with North Korea. Obama’s policy of strategic patience made the Iran-North Korea deal possible. It was a terrible strategy that resulted in direct threats against the US.

Kim Dae-jung’s policy of pouring money into North Korea had the same effect for South Korea – it allowed North Korea to rapidly develop its nuclear program.

Obama’s criticism confirms his identity as a traitor to the American people and a defender of evil.


President Trump sees these events unfolding in these different cities, but sees one affair playing out.

This is the Donald Trump who learned the skill of negotiation early on and knows how to set up his fights in advance so that he will win.

This is the Donald Trump who declared war against the Globalists even before he was elected president.

Now, less than a year and a half after his inauguration, we may be entering the final stage of that war.

Globalists. Illuminati. Jesuits. The Pope. Kissinger. Obama. Clinton. Xi Jinping. Kim Jong-un. Moon Jae-in. Park Jie-won. Hong Seok-hyun.

These people are all cut from the same cloth. Trump has taken aim at them. The Teguki Army is the vehicle that is being used to bring about their collapse. They will be the object of God’s judgment.

Although the events that happened in Pyongyang, Beijing, Tehran, Jerusalem, Damascus, Seoul, Tokyo, and Washington, respectively, each happened in that one city, these events have something in common. They are part of the ongoing war between patriotism and globalism. For the events we just discussed, the crucial city was Tehran. Behind the scenes, Obama’s former Secretary of State John Kerry had engaged in a campaign of secret diplomacy in an effort to save the Iran nuclear deal.

Why? Let’s take a deeper look at what’s been happening.

□ Through Kerry and Obama, the Globalists have been scheming to make Iran a nuclear power. When it became apparent that Trump was going to undo the Iran nuclear deal, Kerry worked through secret diplomatic channels in a desperate attempt to save the deal.

□ On Trump’s side, the US withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal, Israel attacked Iran’s bases in Syria (immediately after Trump’s announcement of withdrawal), and the US embassy in Israel is being relocated to Jerusalem.

□ The battle between Trump and Kissinger, between patriotism and globalism, is now crossing over to the Korean Peninsula from the Middle East. For years, North Korea has been helping Iran and Syria with their nuclear and other weapons programs. The link between these countries is evidence of Kissinger’s involvement and the pressure he is exerting on Trump and Netanyahu.

□ Regardless of the status of the talks between Trump and Kim Jong-un, Kissinger is making the following threat: accept the conditions proposed by Kim Jong-un or else you will face nuclear war in the Middle East. The goal of Kerry’s secret diplomacy was to turn the threat of Iran’s nuclear program into a reality.

□ How should President Trump respond, and how should the patriots of Korea, the US, and the world respond? President Trump must publicly declare his support for the Korean patriots, the Teguki Citizens or the Teguki Army. The Korean patriots, from their collective standing as a sacrificial lamb, must pursue the suspicions that Kissinger is secretly trying to intimidate Trump. We the people must ask whether, in fact, the US and Israel are being threatened. We must make known the crimes committed by Kissinger and his henchmen throughout the world. We must make known Kissinger’s ultimatum between war in the Middle East or the communization of Korea. We must make known the collusion between Kissinger and others, such as the Vatican, the Jesuits, and the Illuminati. We must call for the judgment of Kissinger and his agents, while creating a movement for true peace for the world.

□ This fight is not just a fight between the US and North Korea, or the US and some other country. It is a fight for the survival of all nations in the world. Will Korea be saved? Will the communism of the North finally be destroyed? Will the US be secure? What about the rest of the world? The Korean Peninsula, and more specifically the Republic of Korea, is at the center of this fight. This is why the people of the Republic of Korea must wake up.

The Korean people can empower President Trump by proclaiming all of this. At the same time, President Trump needs to declare that the power to protect the Republic of Korea belongs to the patriots of Korea.

Just as he made the Jerusalem Declaration, he should make a Teguki Declaration.

Trump lives ONLY when Korea’s Teguki patriots live.★

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