★Why Trump is granting a meeting to Kim Jong-un, if it ever happens.


It’s been announced that on June 12, 2018, President Trump will meet Kim Jong-un in Singapore.  Or, will it actually happen?

Why is Trump meeting Kim?

What does Trump have to be careful of?

What do the people of the Republic of Korea need to do?

How can we help President Trump?

To answer these questions, it’s impossible not to first discuss President Park Geun-hye.


  1. What was the meaning of the 24-year prison sentence and the 18 billion won fine for President Park Geun-hye?


They were an attack against the entire Korean people.  Who is carrying out this attack?  Moon Jae-in and the Globalists behind him.


The president of a country is the face of that country.  A country’s president is like the CEO of a company.  The humiliation of a CEO is the humiliation of an employee of that company.  Similarly, the humiliation of a mother or father is the humiliation of the parent’s child.


The punishment brought down against President Park signifies the fact that Moon Jae-in and his group, who have illegally occupied the Blue House, are aggressively pointing the sword of violence against the Korean Teguki Patriots.


As we have repeatedly said, President Park’s removal on March 10, 2017 was unconstitutional and illegal.  Consequently, the election held on May 9, 2017 was also unconstitutional and illegal.


President Park’s punishment is a weapon of psychological warfare wielded against all of the Korean people.  Its purpose is to make the people forget about her.  It is designed to make the people think twice and to plunge them into fear.  “If this happened to the president, then what could happen to me?”


Moon Jae-in has started the process of destroying the Republic of Korea’s liberal democracy and replacing it with Pyongyang’s communist system.


As the world knows, North Korea is not a place where human beings can live.  Moon is willing to hand over the South Korean people to the enemy if it helps him accomplish his goal, and the Globalists’ goal, of ruining the Republic of Korea.


The first step in accomplishing this goal was to take out President Park, the head of the Republic of Korea.


  1. The goal of the Panmunjom meeting between Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in is to cause the US military to withdraw from South Korea and to consider an agreement for reunification through North Korea’s “Koryeo style” federation in advance of the US-North Korea talks.


There are two big obstacles to executing that scheme.  Physically, there is the military power of the United States.  Morally, the Korean Teguki Patriots have put their lives on the line to defend the Republic of Korea’s liberal democracy.


The trial of President Park was carried out in order to eliminate the latter obstacle.


At first, the Teguki Patriots would be filled with despair, which would then turn into anger, and finally into fear.  Moon Jae-in wants the people to riot.  If the Teguki Patriots become violent, then Moon can declare martial law and respond with violence himself.  Moon will be justified in using violence against the people.  This is why we have called for the Teguki Army to remain nonviolent at all costs.


Pyongyang and Kissinger are using the North Korea nuclear issue to create a situation that forces President Trump to accept phased and conditional denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.


This was Pyongyang and Kissinger’s original plan of action.


  1. Therefore, it is meaningless for Trump to meet Kim Jong-un. Nevertheless, Kim Jong-un sought out Trump and the Trump-Kim talks are still on as of now.  So why does Kim Jong-un want to meet Trump?


There are three reasons why Kim Jong-un wants to meet Trump.


First, Kim Jong-un wants to create the appearance that he is seeking peace.  By pretending to want peace, he is working hard to hide the truth that North Korea is a totalitarian state and a human rights hell.


If Kim can convince the world that he wants peace, then any aggressive action taken by Trump will make Trump look like the bad guy.  It will make Trump look like an invader seeking world dominance.


This strategy is not from Kim Jong-un.  It is not from Moon Jae-in.  It is not from Lim Jong-seok, Moon’s right hand man. They are not equipped to figure this out. This is from Kissinger and his brain trust.


(2nd~4th reasons in the video)


Now, that’s why Trump is granting a meeting to Kim Jong-un, if it EVER happens.★


Teguki Army.

The Force that Defends Korea.


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