Fox News Contributor Declares Moon Jae-in a “North Korean Sympathizer” 

Fox News Contributor Gordon Chang Declares Moon Jae-in a “North Korean Sympathizer”

Gordon Chang, author of Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes on the World and the Coming Collapse of China, said in an interview with Fox News on May 27, 2018, “Moon Jae-in is very pro-North Korea. He’s surrounded himself with the people who actually want North Korea to take over the South. So I get a bit nervous when I see both Kim and Moon in the same place, because there you’ve got a North Korean and a North Korean sympathizer.”

Please note the last sentence of Gordon Chang’s statement. Gordon Chang declared Moon Jae-in “a North Korean sympathizer,” which is a strong denunciation, far more condemning than “very pro-North Korea.” The term “sympathizer” is usually collocated with “Nazi” and “Communist,” as in “Nazi sympathizer,” and “Communist sympathizer.” His last word, sympathizer, was barely audible due to its overlapping with the anchor’s remark, “too cozy,” but it was unmistakably there.

This is a major development on the U.S. side, likely a sign that a tipping point has been reached and American patience with Communist Moon Jae-in and his phony regime has finally run out. “When one considers Fox News’ unofficial role in publicizing the Trump Administration’s views, the significance of this declaration becomes obvious. There are only one more step remaining before President Trump himself says something to the effect that Moon Jae-in is not trustworthy because of his pro-North Korean nature: a similar statement from an official in the Trump Administration.

It was no secret that President Trump held Moon Jae-in in very low regard. But actually saying it in public is another matter. Now that Fox News broached the subject, it is only a matter of time before someone in an official capacity to say the same thing in public. And when it’s done, Moon Jae-in’s fate is sealed. No, his fate has been sealed already, and with the latest Fox News broadcast of Gordon Chang’s statements, one can sense the time for Moon’s demise is nearer now than ever before.



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