★Trump’s Public Opinion Steering to Arrest Moon


Gordon Chang, a Chinese-American expert and author on the nuclear threats posed by communist China and North Korea, recently appeared on Fox News.

This is the start of the process of steering public opinion in favor of President Trump arresting Moon Jae-in, a communist fake president who illegally occupied Republic of Korea’s Blue House and usurped the sovereignty of South Korea.

Here are the key points that Gordon Chang made during his Fox News appearance:

  • Moon Jae-in is “very pro-North Korea.”
  • Moon Jae-in “has surrounded himself with people who actually want North Korea to take over the South.”
  • Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un are “much too cozy.”
  • Kim Jong-un made a conciliatory gesture that was out of the ordinary for him. He is not hiding his desire to meet Trump whatever it takes.

This is a signal that Trump’s punishment of Moon Jae-in is starting.

The following is an excerpt from Gordon Chang’s Wikipedia page:

Gordon Guthrie Chang (Born 1951) is an American columnist, blogger, television pundit, author and lawyer.  He is widely known for his book The Coming Collapse of China (published in 2001), in which he argued that the hidden nonperforming loans of the “Big Four” Chinese state banks would likely bring down China’s financial system and its communist government and China would collapse in 2006, 2011, 2012, 2016, & 2017. (Although the prediction of the year of the collapse has been moving, the principle argument of Gordon Chang is to be noted)

In Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes on the World (published in 2006), Gordon Chang suggests that North Korea is most likely to target Japan, not South Korea.  Chang suggests that North Korean nuclear ambitions could be forestalled if there were concerted multinational diplomacy, with some “limits to patience” backed up by an all-out Korean war.


Henry Kissinger, Kim Jong-un, and Moon Jae-in are looking for a way to survive.  What is their strategy?

Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un’s common goal is to reach a peace agreement.  Through such an agreement, they want to declare an end to the Korean War.  This would mean the withdrawal of US troops from the Korean Peninsula.  This is exactly according to Kissinger’s desired scenario.

The Singapore talks are just for show.  To create the appearance of a goodwill gesture, Kim Jong-un may offer to give up his nuclear weapons.  However, he will want to maintain power and ensure his survival.  As for Moon Jae-in, his efforts in connection with the Panmunjom meetings have aided the enemy and therefore constitute treason.


What strategy would give President Trump a total win?

President Trump needs to declare his support for the Korean Patriots because they are the true source and legitimate guardians of the Republic of Korea’s sovereignty.  Indeed, South Korea’s constitution states that the nation’s sovereignty resides in the people.

Currently, the Republic of Korea’s sovereignty has been stolen.  President Park Geun-hye was unconstitutionally removed from office through a fraudulent impeachment process, and Moon Jae-in was unconstitutionally put in her place through a fraudulent special election.  The Korean Patriots who have been shouting out this reality are the true protectors of the Republic of Korea’s sovereignty.

Above all, the crisis on the Korean Peninsula is a fight for justice.  Accordingly, Trump’s actions on Korea should be driven by a desire to do what is morally right.  When he proclaimed that Jerusalem was Israel’s capital, Trump recognized that doing so was just and right.  The same logic applies as to why he should declare that the Republic of Korea’s true sovereignty belongs to the Korean Patriots.

That logic is stronger when it comes to the Korean Peninsula.  With the Jerusalem Declaration, one can ask whether Israel’s right to exist is more important than Palestine’s right to exist.  It is still right to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, but the presence of such a question makes it more complicated to explain why it is right.

With Korea, there is no such complicating question.  A declaration in support of the Korean Patriots is a declaration in support of the Republic of Korea’s survival.  It is a declaration in support of freedom and democracy throughout the entire world.  It is a declaration that good will triumph over evil, and that justice will prevail.  Nobody will mistake it for a statement calculated for self-gain.

Moon Jae-in must be exposed for the fake president and traitor that he is.  At this moment, Trump has an opportunity to take preemptive military action in connection with exposing Moon.  Such military action would sap Kissinger of his energy.  Knowing this, Kissinger will first seek to create a hostage situation in South Korea, through the threat of terrorism or mass slaughter, as a last-ditch attempt at survival.For President Trump, this is an opportunity to make a proclamation in the courtroom of history.

What would be the winning strategy for the Korean Patriots?

The Korean Patriots must play the role of the sacrificial lamb in order to create the pitfall that leads to the final downfall of Kissinger, Kim Jong-un, and Moon Jae-in. The Korean Patriots, with a self-sacrificial mentality and resurrection conviction, together with the backing of President Trump and US military power, can cause the rebirth of a large army from the valley of dry bones. However, in accordance with 2 Chronicles Chapter 7 Verse 14, such an occurrence will not happen unless there is genuine fasting and prayer.

The prelude to Trump’s removal of Moon Jae-in has started. Not even Kissinger will protect Moon Jae-in. Instead, if Moon is a liability, Kissinger will throw him to Trump like food for an animal.

How, then, can Moon Jae-in survive and save his own life? The only way is to completely and immediately surrender to Trump and the Korean Patriots.

Thanks to President Trump and the Korean Patriots, the Republic of Korea is already victorious.★

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The Force that Defends Korea.

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