A Cover-up? Byun Hee-jae Arrested for Exposing Lies of Sohn Suk-hee, JTBC, and Prosecutors

Seoul, South Korea May 31, 2018 – Byun Hee-jae was arrested on May 30, 2018 in what many view as a desperate attempt to cover up the deception of JTBC and the prosecution after an expert witness from the National Forensic Service (NFS) exposed the blatant lies of Sohn Suk-hee, JTBC, and prosecutors by flatly contradicting their false claim that the NFS confirmed the identity of the user of the tablet PC as Choi Soon-sil.

According to Mediawatch.kr, Dr. Na Gi-hyun of the NFS testified in court on May 23, 2018 that NFS’s forensic report does NOT specify Choi Soon-sil as the user of the tablet PC that according to JTBC, NFS “proved” to have been owned and used by Choi. When questioned who NFS concludes used the tablet PC, Dr. Na refused to answer the question, only saying that it should be determined by the court based on the forensic analysis. Dr. Na was the one who performed the actual forensic analysis of the tablet PC at NFS.

Na’s testimony directly contradicts the report by Sohn Suk-hee of JTBC of April 5, 2018 that NFS’s forensic report “proved” JTBC’s claim “that the tablet PC was used by Choi Soon-sil.” By Na’s testimony, Sohn Suk-hee’s claim has been conclusively proven false.



The following is a translation of the excerpts from the JTBC report of April 5 linked and reproduced above:


[Anchor’s Briefing] ‘A story of another kind of illiteracy…in an era of zero-illiteracy rate’

[JTBC] uploaded 21:39, 2018-04-05 revised: 02:09, 2018-04-06

To quote the prosecutor’s argument of February 27, 2018, “The tablet PC of Choe Seowon that was scientifically proven to have been used by Choi Soon-sil, i.e., Choe Seowon.”

Despite such a clear answer proven and confirmed by NFS, no less, there still were people who do not understand its meaning. [emphasis added]


Kim Piljun, a reporter of JTBC, was present at the time of Na’s testimony at the court proceedings held on May 23, but JTBC chose not to report a single word about Na’s testimony as of May 24, 1 pm.

According to Mediawatch.kr, NFS’s forensic report does NOT even mention the name of Choi Soon-sil, much less pinpoint Choi as the user of the tablet PC that JTBC reported was owned and used by Choi.

Na’s testimony exposing the blatant lies of Sohn Suk-hee, JTBC, and the prosecution should have prompted an avalanche of reports covering this bombshell of a testimony—at least as torrential as those that gushed out of JTBC when it falsely reported that NFS’s forensic report “proved” its claim that Choi was the user of the tablet PC.

Instead, what happened was (1) a deafening silence on the part of JTBC and other MSM outlets, none of which reported a single word about this stunning revelation, and (2) the jailing of Byun Hee-jae, the founder of Mediawatch.kr, the only news outlet that has provided an extensive coverage of this testimony and the lies it exposed.

Mediawatch has doggedly pursued the JTBC’s disingenuous and illegal activities involving the tablet PC. Na’s crucial testimony was covered only by Mediawatch.kr and Jayoo.co.kr, a small internet news outlet which briefly mentioned Na’s testimony in its coverage of the arrest warrant for Byun Hee-jae, and a Youtube channel run by an investigative reporter U Jongchang formerly of Chosun ilbo, who also attended the court proceedings along with Yi Huiu of Mediawatch and Kim Piljun of JTBC.

Byun Hee-jae has recently heightened his criticism of Communist China and stepped up his effort to form an alliance between pro-US and anti-China, pro-liberty and anti-Communist activists in South Korea and in Japan who share the view that President Park Geunhye’s impeachment and trial process was fraught with illegality and illegitimacy, which can be easily discovered when placed under scrutiny. According to Mediwatch, anti-Communist activists in Japan highly regard President Park for her efforts to solidify the ROK-Japan strategic alliance by reaching several important bilateral agreements with Japan such as ROK-Japan Military Information Agreement.



In an interview with VOA News published on May 18, 2018, Byun Hee-jae voiced his distrust of Moon Jae-in.

Ostensibly, Byun Hee-jae is charged with libel against Sohn Suk-hee, but Sohn’s libel lawsuit against Byun was filed more than a year ago on January 26, 2017.

Furthermore, only 15 out of 17,401 persons convicted of libel were arrested in 2016, according to the statistical data released in 2017 by the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office. This amounts to a mere ‘0.086%.’ “[A]nd even less (3 or .017 percent) had advanced arrest warrants.

It cannot be a mere coincidence that after an interval of 15 months, an arrest warrant was suddenly requested (1) just one day after the potentially devastating court testimony that NFS’s forensic report does not identify Choi Soon-sil as a user of the tablet PC and (2) just one day after the claim of the prosecutors and JTBC that NFS’s forensic report has “scientifically proven” that Choi Soon-sil was a user of the tablet PC was indisputably proven false by a sworn testimony by the expert witness who actually written the NFS forensic analysis report himself.

It should be noted that Druking (Kim Dongwon) was suddenly arrested on March 21, 2018, just three days after Druking sent a text message to former Congressman Kim Gyeongsu that he would tell the press about his collusion with Kim Geongsu involving the massive illegal manipulation of online public opinion during President Park’s impeachment and the presidential election that followed.

One thing is clear: (1) The prosecutors and Sohn Suk-hee and JTBC fabricated “facts” out of thin air and have been caught red-handed in open court. (2) Only Byun Hee-jae’s Mediawatch extensively reported this while all the other news media went completely silent on this bombshell. (3) The very next day, the prosecutors filed a request for an arrest warrant for Byun Hee-jae. (4) Just five days later, Byeon was arrested against the odds of 99.98%, the advanced arrest warrant for those charged with libel in 2016 being 0.017%. Coincidence?


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