Unmasking the Hidden Agenda of the Citizens Emergency Council for the Protection of the Republic of Korea

On April 20, 2018, the inaugural ceremony of the Citizens Emergency Council for the Protection of the Republic of Korea (대한민국수호 비상국민회의) was held on a most fanciful stage with the grandiose motto of being the true voice of the conservative right-wing citizens.

The Citizens Emergency Council is co-chaired by former National Assembly chairman Park Kwan Yong, former Supreme Court judge Jung Ghi Seung, and former Korean Christian Association chairman Choi Sung Gyu.  The advisory board members are former Prime Minister Roh Jae Bong, senior member of the Republic of Korea National Assembly Society Jang Gyung Soon, and former head of South Korea’s National Intelligence Office Kwon Young Hae. Indeed, the top echelon of South Korean elites are the founding members of the Citizens Emergency Council.

Kim Jin

According to a report by Jung Gyu-jae in Pen n Mike, this is what Citizens Emergency Council Spokesperson Kim Jin said in announcing the identity of the organization.

“We have now reached the point of calling for the unity of the collective majority, which consists of our moderate citizens and young people.  In a concerted effort to bring a positive response from all people, it is highly advisable that we no longer make an issue of President Park’s impeachment or dig any further on the legitimacy of Moon Jae-in’s election or his presidency, which will only create further conflict in our society.”  

Kim Jin’s statement reflects the double-edged character of the scheming elite.  The so-called best of South Korea’s elite are ruining the country. Is the Citizens Emergency Council another garbage organization that stands in this line?

If the spokesman’s words indeed represent the spirit and belief of the Citizens Emergency Council’s founding members and advisory board, any South Korean with good political sense can easily detect their agenda.  If the spokesman’s word are accurate in reflecting the organization’s purpose, then we must unmask its true identity hidden behind its noble façade.

Let’s take a closer look at the Citizens Emergency Council.

The Citizens Emergency Council has a major difference that separates itself from the Republic of Korea’s pure patriotic citizens’ movement.  

They are against the restoration of President Park Geun-hye to the presidency, and they accept Moon Jae-in’s power as legitimate.

They audaciously declared this as if this is what the South Korean majority between the two extremes believe and want.  They did not hesitate to proclaim it at their inaugural ceremony. The spirit of the Citizens Emergency Council’s message is the same as that of the Christians who advocated “balance in moderation” under the “10 million signatures campaign.”

What is most disconcerting in church leadership is how they poison the psyche of man where conscience and belief overlap.  Some Christian leaders are active in dumbing down the followers rather than sharpening their conscience to be able to discern right from wrong.

This is how they steer the people in the wrong direction.

They pretend to acknowledge Christians’ strong anti-communist sentiment before they turn around and water down Moon Jae-in’s extreme, far-left, communist identity as just a misunderstanding on our part.  They mislead the people by saying that Moon is just aspiring to adopt Northern European style socialism.

They claim that Moon and his gang have not committed treason and are not traitors rushing to communize South Korea, but a legitimate administration that can work together with us.

Venezuela Disaster

Such lies cover up how the Moon regime is taking South Korea is in the direction of the Venezuela disaster.

By discouraging people from scrutinizing Moon’s illegitimate usurping of power, and by proclaiming a message that things are not really that bad, the Citizen Emergency Council is causing people to turn a blind eye to Moon’s treason and disregard justice.

To complete their conquest, the illegitimate Moon regime is manipulating a second election to justify and secure their illegitimate hold on power. They seek to acquire a majority vote by manipulating the people and the ballot counting machines. This is what we call “organized crime in the name of democracy.” This is not God’s justice, but manipulation by the evil one.

There is a lot of overlap in the leadership of the 10 million signature campaign and the leadership of the Citizens Emergency Council.  For that reason, we suspect these are two arms of one body.

The two groups like to use the phrases “the great moderate majority between two extremes” and “10 million citizens.”  This is psychological warfare. They want to sound as if they understand the people and represent them. But upon careful observation, we can see that this is nothing more than an intelligent crime to fool the people at a number’s game.

If and when President Trump’s support of the patriotic citizens’ movement becomes apparent, will they change their stance to move closer to Korea’s true patriotic voice as if they had been conservatives all along, hiding their seared conscience one more time?

The commonality of both groups is also found in the psychological tactic of steering people to the left while pretending to assume the role of influencing Moon to be a better president.  This has the marks of Kissinger’s influence. They are laying the groundwork for making friendly overtures to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

The same high-level diabolical psychological warfare that was used against President Park to usurp her presidency is now in operation again, only this time directly against the people, especially the patriotic citizens who are united under the Republic of Korea’s flag.

With the sudden appearance of the Citizens Emergency Council this time around, there can be no hiding of the beast that is this propaganda machine.  How do we know this?

The timing of their introduction to the world coincides with the Moon/Kim and Trump/Kim meetings.  By sounding their voice at this crucial moment in history, they seem to show themselves as if they are the embodiment of the majority moderate South Korean citizens.  By doing so they can demand to influence the meetings using this bogus “voice of the moderate citizens.”

They prevent the patriotic citizens of South Korea from grasping the true color of the Citizens Emergency Council, which intends to nip any negative public opinion against it in the bud and sway the public to their side.

Being “balanced in moderation” is propaganda they are using to create an artificial social tsunami.

This bogus “opinion of the majority” has been rumored as the product of Kim Jin and Jung Gyu Jae, but now we see the revealed body of the beast.  It is kneeling before Kissinger, who is the working power behind Moon’s thug regime.

The seemingly moderate, malleable, and highly adaptive positioning they put themselves in now is so that they can curry favor with whatever power comes next, be it Moon, Kim, Kissinger or Trump.  They are nothing less than a group of master opportunists.

The opportunistic Citizens Emergency Council seeks to override the people’s God-given conscience only for them to be revealed as the elites whose eyes are only on power and self-interest and not at all on national sovereignty or the security of the people. This is the evil that causes the conscience of the people to become frustrated and hypnotized in silence.

If Kim Jin’s statement is accurate, the Citizens Emergency Council for the Protection of the Republic of Korea is not a name fit for this group.  Rather, they should be renamed as the Council for the Promotion of the Destruction of the Republic of Korea.

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