★Analysis of the Trump-Kim Talks through Their Facial Expressions, Gestures and Remarks

Among the major US media outlets, the conservative Fox News is virtually the only station that President Trump trusts. Fox’s commentary often reflects Trump’s views more accurately than other outlets. Here, we will examine footage of the Trump-Kim talks, as provided by Fox News, to understand what happened.

When we analyze the Trump-Kim talks, it is important to distinguish between OPTICS and SUBSTANCE.

Optics refers to what we see on the outside—the words that are said, facial expressions, gestures, body language, a twinkle in the eye.

Substance refers to the content and meaning of all of those things we see on the outside. In other words, we need to go beyond the surface and get to the heart of the matter.

In reviewing footage of the Trump-Kim talks, there were at least seven times where we could look at the optics to discern the substance.

First, Fox News referred to Kim Jong-un as a dictator. He was not referred to as president, chairman, head of state, or even leader. Even Xi Jinping is referred to as president by the US media. But Kim Jong-un is just a dictator. This is an important point. It reflects the view the Kim Jong-un is not recognized as normal or legitimate.

Second, there is a very noticeable difference in height between Trump and Kim Jong-un. Comparing the two, Trump is tall and Kim is short. When Trump and Kim had their first handshake, Trump did not purposely lower his hand to accommodate Kim’s shorter stature. He simply offered his hand as if his counterpart was of a similar height. Kim had to raise his arm to shake Trump’s hand. The takeaway from this was that Kim Jong-un had to adjust to Trump, not the other way around.

Third, every now and then the cameras captured Kim Jong-un looking timid. As North Korea’s brutal dictator he surely wanted to appear strong, but his expressions betrayed his true thoughts. In other words, Kim Jong-un was unable to hide his sense of defeat.

Fourth, at one point in the footage Kim Jong-un can be heard saying “our ankles were grabbed.” What did he mean? There was someone behind the scenes who was trying to stir up opposition to Trump. Kim Jong-un’s ankles were grabbed so that he had to do what this person wanted. That person is Henry Kissinger. The fact that Kim Jong-un met with Trump indicates that Kim is surrendering. Kim Jong-un’s surrender means he has decided to abandon Kissinger and will instead listen to Trump.

Fifth, sitting across from each other, Trump and Kim Jong-un again shook hands. From the audience’s viewpoint, Trump sat in the chair on the right side. Trump was positioned so that it was easy for him to put out his right hand. As he did so, his trademark red tie was in plain view. Kim Jong-un, however, had to twist his back when he reached across with his right hand to accept Trump’s handshake. Once the two hands met, it looked as if Trump was pulling Kim’s hand towards him. “Follow me and do as I say.” That was the message conveyed by Trump through that handshake.

Sixth, during the portion of the meeting where Trump and Kim were joined by their staffs, Kim Jong-un said he is “willing to listen.” This was basically the same thing as saying he will listen. It was another signal indicating his surrender to Trump.

Seventh, during that same portion of the meeting, Trump can be heard telling Kim Jong-un, “We will solve it” and “It will be done.” In other words, after Kim Jong-un abandoned Kissinger and acknowledged his surrender, Trump responded by assuring Kim that his personal security would be taken care of and that North Korea would now be better off. At the same time, Trump was conveying the message that Kissinger will be defeated.

Based on the analysis we just did, what conclusions can we draw?

First, we can conclude that Kim Jong-un has completely surrendered to President Trump.

Second, Kim Jong-un has abandoned Kissinger and has turned to Trump seeking protection.

Third, there is no place for Moon Jae-in, the Fake President, in the Trump-Kim relationship. Despite his wishes, Moon was not invited to the Singapore summit. He was left on the outside looking in. To put it bluntly, Moon was treated like a loser.

Fourth, the US does not recognize communist North Korea as a legitimate state. US-North Korea relations have not yet been normalized. When a treaty ending hostilities on the Korean Peninsula is signed, the victorious US will have the right to claim damages against the defeated communist North Korea and communist China.

Fifth, now that Kim Jong-un has surrendered, Trump’s next step is to secure the removal of Moon Jae-in. With Kim Jong-un’s surrender, Moon’s chances of holding onto his unlawfully gotten seat of power just dropped to ZERO.

Sixth, in order for North Korea to properly execute CVID denuclearization, they will have to be monitored. This means that the US military will be able to maneuver in North Korean territory at its discretion. In essence, a complete victory for the United States.

Seventh, and lastly, the next phase of US-North Korea relations will involve a change in North Korea’s government and economic systems. No more totalitarian slave state. If communist North Korea has not already collapsed by then, the strutting around of US military personnel will naturally cause its collapse. ★

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