★The Secret of President Trump’s Chessboard – The Calm before the Post-Singapore Storm

President Trump has taken charge and he alone is setting up the pieces on the chessboard. The pawns in this chess game are Henry Kissinger, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un, and Moon Jae-in. Therefore, the scenarios to be played out are entirely up to Trump.

One of the questions many Korea observers have is why Kim Jong-un, just after the Singapore summit, visited Xi Jinping again. Trump’s high-level operation to take down Xi Jinping is the reason.

Trump must consider four main issues in setting up his chessboard.

The first is Xi Jinping’s dilemma. Regardless of his outward expressions towards Kim Jong-un during their recent meeting, Xi Jinping was constantly worried about what Trump was thinking. In fact, it was precisely because Xi Jinping wanted to evaluate Trump’s reaction that he invited Kim Jong-un to Beijing. Thus, Xi Jinping confirmed that Trump’s real purpose for the Singapore summit was to secure a pro-US government in Pyongyang. A North Korea allied with the US can be a bridgehead from which to end the domination of Kissinger, communist China, and the Globalists in Northeast Asia.

Xi Jinping is between a rock and a hard place. He has to figure out how to hold onto Kim Jong-un, re-establish the staggering Kissinger, deal with the trade war against the United States, prepare for a naval war against Taiwan, and whether he will allow China to democratize. All at once.

The most beneficial approach is to allow China to become a democracy. That is also the best path for Xi Jinping’s survival.

The second issue is Kim Jong-un’s miscalculation. His third visit to China occurred during a grace period in Trump’s hardline approach to North Korea. Kim Jong-un’s visit was nothing more than an act that occurred within the framework drawn up by the US. If Kim Jong-un tries to move outside that framework, or break the rules imposed by Trump, the US will certainly act in retribution. There will be political earthquakes in Beijing and Pyongyang due to the inevitable removal of Moon Jae-in. As a result, Kissinger and Xi Jinping will fall into an abyss. The only option left for Xi Jinping at that point is to wave the white flag.

Immediately after their resistance against the US fails, and the prospect of internal conflict and division peaks, there will be only one measure that China can take to survive. Democracy based on American-style federalism. That means the complete abandonment of China’s traditional hegemony. The normally thickheaded Kim Jong-un surrendered upon realizing that this will be the situation. To his credit, he sensed this reality before Xi Jinping.

The third issue is the red light that has turned on in front of Moon Jae-in. Moon is a stepping stone for Kissinger, Xi Jinping, and Kim Jong-un’s foothold against Trump in Northeast Asia. If that stepping stone is destroyed by removing Moon, Trump can secure a huge base from which to confront China even more strongly. Kissinger, Xi Jinping, and Kim Jong-un would all suffer losses in terms of combat psychology and their ability to use military diplomacy. Therefore, because it is such an urgent matter, Trump’s exposure of Moon is inevitable.

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The longer Moon is allowed to remain in power, the more the terrorist trio of Kissinger, Xi Jinping, and Kim Jong-un will take advantage of him. The longer Moon remains in power, the further Trump’s fight gets pushed back. But even now, if Trump urgently brings down the full weight of his power against the terrorist trio, they will have no choice but to helplessly take that punishment. Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-un would beg for their lives to be spared.

Therefore, the key to winning this fight is to remove Moon Jae-in from power immediately. Trump must not waste the opportunity to punish Moon.

The fourth issue is something we will call the “New American Doctrine” or the “Trump Doctrine.” To achieve complete victory in this war, Trump must proclaim this New American Doctrine. What is this doctrine?

We can think of it as a version of the Jerusalem Declaration but for Northeast Asia. It is a declaration of an end to the “Kissinger Syndrome.” An end to the mystification of political Machiavellianism. An end to using deception in politics and disregarding morality. An end to the notion that “might makes right.”

America must repent before the world for having raised up the forces of such political crimes. Kissinger is the most prominent among them. From now on, politics must be both practical and moral. That is the New American Doctrine or the Trump Doctrine.

The first stage of this new practical moral politics has already begun in the US. The second stage will be realized in Northeast Asia with the Korean Peninsula at the center. The third stage is the Middle East with Israel at the center. The fourth stage is Europe. The fifth stage is the establishment of a “World Peace Commons” as an alternative to the United Nations.

The New American Doctrine is a reaffirmation of the US obligation to protect the Republic of Korea’s liberal democracy. It is a public declaration of support for the Korean Patriots and President Park Geun-hye. It is a condemnation of Kissinger on behalf of the Korean Patriots who have collectively become a sacrificial lamb. It is a means to expose the truth of Moon Jae-in’s crimes to the whole world and a rejection of his regime. At the same time, Moon must be arrested right away. The New American Doctrine reflects the responsibility that the US bears in handling the reality that the current of the world’s political, military, and economic systems flow through America.

In light of what is being played out on Trump’s chessboard, there is a warning that the Korean people and the Korean church must heed. It is a warning not to be silent in the face of evil. Such pathetic silence is a noose for strangling our souls and the souls of our children.

There are some lessons we can learn from Poland’s recent protests to drive out Muslims from their country. First, we must recognize the backlash against today’s mass migration of Muslims. Protests against Islam based on culture and religion are okay if they are nonviolent and conducted lawfully. However, we must absolutely refrain from violating their human rights. We should educate today’s Muslims about the consequences of engaging in violence and various social crimes, such as potential disciplinary measures and deportation in accordance with due process. Finally, the movement to enact legislation to avoid responsibility for the Holocaust should be abandoned.

The main character on Trump’s chessboard is Trump.

Kissinger, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un, and Moon Jae-in are mere pawns on his chessboard.

And the master of Trump’s chess board is God.

Trump must play this game of chess according to God’s will.

Or else.★

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