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Who is Kyung-soon Chang?

General Kyung-soon Chang, 97 year old

At age ninety-seven, General Kyung-soon Chang, Chairman of the Korea National Senate, is the leader of Korean patriots who took to the streets to save the Republic of Korea from falling into Communist hands. General Chang served as Minister of Agriculture and Forestry From 1961 to 1963, pioneering Korea’s world-famous reforestation effort. From 1963 through 1972, he was Vice Speaker of the Korean National Assembly. In 1970, General Chang single-handedly saved his country from mortal danger by thwarting the then US National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger’s covert operation to incrementally withdraw the US troops from South Korea.


Korean War 1950~1953

General Chang is a distinguished war hero who fought alongside his American brothers-in-arms against Communist China and North Korea in the Korean War. He braved the most dangerous combat zones, believing that it was his destiny to die fighting for his country because God saved him from a meaningless death in China when he was pressed into military service by the Japanese Empire during the Asia-Pacific War, the theater of World War II that was fought in the Asia-Pacific region.

General Chung-hee Park (middle)

General Chang saved his country from Communism twice. First, on May 16, 1961, General Chang made a decisive contribution to the successful execution of General Chung-hee Park’s bloodless coup, which saved his country from the collapse being engineered by South Korean Communist sympathizers after President Syngman Rhee resigned in 1960. General Chang aroused to action General Park who became disheartened after learning that his plan was leaked, mobilized key personnel to join the cause, and persuaded the Chiefs of Staffs of the Korean Armed Forces into supporting the coup.

Upon taking power in the 1961 coup that was supported by a vast majority of the people, General Chung-hee Park, who became the President of South Korea in 1963, launched a series of ambitious and far-sighted economic development plans that lasted until his death in 1979 and that eventually transformed South Korea into one of the biggest success stories of the 20th century. As Minister of Agriculture and Forestry under General Park from 1961 to 1963, General Chang initiated the wildly successful reforestation effort that eventually earned Korea the distinction of being “the only developing country in the world that has succeeded in reforestation since the Second World War,” according to the 1982 report of FAO (UN Food and Agriculture Organization).


The second chance for General Chang to save his country came in 1970, when he was the first person to detect a surreptitious and incremental withdrawal of the US troops from South Korea. This plan was hatched by Henry Kissinger, who wanted to hand over South Korea to Communist China, thereby weakening American leadership in the world and eventually subjugating the world populace to tyranny. Accompanied only by his assistant, General Chang flew to America and crushed this sinister attempt by informing and persuading, one by one, the US Congressional leadership who had been blindsided by Kissinger.


General Chang retired from politics right after the assassination of President Chung-hee Park in 1979, but he returned to the forefront of battles against Communism in 2002, when he saw that his country was under attack from within by the Communists headed by Dae-jung Kim and Moo-hyun Roh. General Chang is internationally recognized for his leadership in the fight for protecting freedom in South Korea. On June 28, 2011, General Chang, as President of the Korean National Movement for the Protection of Freedom, spoke at IWP, the Institute of World Politics, on the topic of “The Nuclear Security of the Korean Peninsula and the Expanding Chinese Challenges to US Global Roles.” IWP is a graduate school of national security and international affairs in Washington D.C., where U.S. Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis gave a speech on May 19, 2018.

General Kyung-soon Chang

Since the fraudulent impeachment of President Geun-hye Park that began in 2016, General Chang has again risked his life to restore liberty and justice being crippled by fake president Jae-in Moon, who usurped power through unconstitutional impeachment and election fraud. General Chang declared Jae-in Moon’s fake-presidency and vowed to end the crisis in Korea no matter what. He knows that the very existence of the Korean republic is at stake.

Jung-tae Kim, on 22nd day of fasting, is giving a speech on Teguki rally

On June 13, 2018, Mr. Jung-tae Kim, a seventy-seven-year-old chief of staff to General Chang, began a fast to awaken Korean conscience, oust fake president Jae-in Moon, and reinstate President Geun-hye Park. As promised at the outset, Mr. Kim not only persevered until July 10, the 28th day of his fast but also made thunderous speeches in a public rally held on the 22nd day. Mr. Kim firmly believes that God will intervene to save his beloved country from destruction. May God save the Republic of Korea, His precious present to the Korean people and, indeed, to the world.


Censorship and a Can of Worms Called Operation Golden Lily

After the violent and illegal takeover of MBC and KBS by the thuggish Moon regime, the pro-US, pro-liberty, and pro-President Park rallies, whose coverage had been severely limited to begin with, all but disappeared from news reports by the mainstream media. (Dr. Tara O, an adjunct fellow of Pacific Forum CSIS, provides an incisive analysis of the hostile takeover of MBC here.) On June 6, 2018, tens of thousands of protesters rallied in Seoul against Moon Jae-in and his treasonous, pro-North Korean shenanigans. (Dr. O’s essential paper on Moon’s true intent is found here.) But only one out of the six cable TV news companies reported the rallies; none of the three major TV networks, including MBC and KBS, reported them. Why not? After all, haven’t these same news outlets all been vigilantly covering candlelight rallies against the owners of Korean Air, where only several hundred protesters gathered?

Choi Daehyun
Choi Dae-hyun, a former MBC reporter

Ask that question to the MBC reporters who were summarily fired by MBC’s new thuggish boss, Choi Sung-ho, after the hostile takeover of MBC. Choi Dae-hyun, one of the MBC reporters fired on May 18, 2018, said in a pro-liberty rally held in front of the MBC headquarters in February 2017, “I am sure all of you are aware of the criticisms that all the media is lopsided in their reports [against pro-liberty rallies]. But unlike other news outlets, I expect MBC will do its best to do fair reporting. Please support MBC.” Any expectation now that MBC will abide by Choi’s statement is just wishful thinking.

Not even small, independent news outlets were spared from Moon’s indiscriminate crackdown on the freedom of the press. On May 30, 2018, Byun Hee-jae of Media Watch was jailed. (You can read Dr. Tara O’s excellent analysis of this incident here.) A request for Byun’s arrest warrant was filed just one day after Byun extensively reported on and exposed the blatant lies of JTBC’s Sohn Suk-hee on May 23.  (You can find a detailed analysis of Sohn Suk-hee’s lies here.) Sohn had falsely reported that the NFS (National Forensic Service) report “proved” that the tablet PC, the so-called silver bullet in the impeachment of President Park Geun-hye, belonged to Choi Soon-sil, Park’s confidant, as initially claimed by Sohn and JTBC. And yet, according to Byun’s report, the same NFS report does not even mention Choi’s name. The truth is indeed a bitter pill for Sohn to swallow.

Byun Hee-jae of Media Watch

Clearly, Byun’s arrest was to prevent him, and others who seek to reveal the truth, from further damaging the ever-so-fragile glass jaws of Sohn and Moon. None of the other news outlets reported this devastating testimony that would have made all see Sohn for what he is: an inveterate liar and a shill for Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong Un. On June 1, Ri Son-gwon, another shill for Kim Jong Un, came from the North to represent the genocidal Kim regime in talks with the South and timely praised Sohn for “doing a good job.”

Ri Son-gwon praising Sohn Suk-hee at Panmunjeom

On what charges was Byun jailed, you ask? He supposedly greatly damaged the honor of Sohn and the freedom of the press. Seriously.

Enter Operation Golden Lily. Now things get really serious, and maximum censorship kicks in. Operation Golden Lily (kin no yuri in Japanese) is a codename for the Japanese imperial army’s last-ditch effort to secure the war loot it took from China and Southeast Asia during the final hours of the Pacific War, the theater of World War II that was fought in the Asia-Pacific region. At the news of the Japanese emperor’s abrupt declaration of surrender on August 15, 1945, the Japanese army, unable to carry the war loot to Japan, hid it underground in territories that they had occupied until then and withdrew to Japan. In the Philippines, this loot is known as Yamashita’s gold.

Some dismiss this as a mere legend, but there is a great deal of documentary evidence, including a 1998 ruling by the Supreme Court of Hawaii, by which one can confidently conclude that Operation Golden Lily was real and that there are many who made fortunes by obtaining access to the treasures hidden in strategic spots across Asia by the retreating Japanese army.    

Among them was Ferdinand Marcos, the dictator of the Philippines who ruled the country with an iron fist until 1986 when he was ousted and fled to Hawaii. In 2005, the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit held that “The Yamashita Treasure was discovered by Roxas and stolen from Roxas by Marcos’s men. Roxas was tortured and imprisoned, giving rise to human rights claims valued at $6 million. … The Estate of Roger Roxas and the corporation (collectively Roxas) won an initial judgment against Imelda Marcos and the Estate of Ferdinand Marcos. Roxas v. Marcos, 89 Hawai’i 91, 969 P.2d 1209 (1998).”

The 1998 decision by the Supreme Court of Hawaii, summarized in the above decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, ruled that “there was sufficient evidence to support the jury’s determination that Roxas “found” the treasure pursuant to Philippine law,” that “there was sufficient evidence to support the jury’s special finding that Ferdinand caused Roxas to be falsely imprisoned,” and that “there was sufficient evidence to support the jury’s special finding that Ferdinand converted the treasure that Roxas found.” The word “converted” here means “in law, to appropriate illegally to one’s own use.” (Shorter Oxford English Dictionary 2007).

So what does Operation Golden Lily have to do with the maximum censorship happening in Korea right now? Bear with me for a moment.

Kim Ilsun and Jeong Choong-Je broadcast on TePyung TV youtube channel on June 1st, with Mr. Jeong holding his book Operation Golden Lily.

On June 1, 2018, Professor Kim Ilsun and Mr. Jeong Choong-je were featured in a live video broadcast about Operation Golden Lily on the TePyung TV YouTube channel. During that broadcast, Mr. Jeong, a nonfiction writer, talked about how there were hundreds of tons of gold ingots buried in the Moonhyun-dong neighborhood of Busan, South Korea. This gold, which was hidden there in 1945 by the Japanese empire, was found on March 2, 2002 by Mr. Jeong. However, Mr. Jeong was then robbed and falsely accused and imprisoned by a group of people who colluded with former South Korean president Roh Moo-hyun and current occupier of the Blue House Moon Jae-in.

Two days after this broadcast, a man named Baek Joon-heum sent a threatening email to Professor Kim Ilsun. Mr. Baek’s threats included the following statements:

  •  “In this world, there are ways to retaliate other than tort and criminal.”
  •  “Finally, you will be punished more brutally than Byun Hee-jae, who dared to touch Sohn Suk-hee.”

Now, let us pause for a moment and connect some dots here. Sohn Suk-hee, of course, is the JTBC executive and reporter who broke the now-shown-to-be-false tablet PC story that ignited the calls for President Park Geun-hye’s impeachment. Remember Byun Hee-jae? He was jailed for exposing the falsity of the tablet PC story.

From the above, we can clearly infer the following:

  •  Mr. Baek is confident that Korea’s current legal system is so broken and rigged in his favor that he can freely engage in illegal actions with impunity.
  •  Byun Hee-jae was jailed not because he violated any law, but because he dared to expose the lies and subsequent cover-up of Sohn Suk-hee.
  •  Mr. Baek is connected to the powers that be who want to protect Sohn Suk-hee.
  •  Mr. Baek belongs to a group that regards flouting the law as their prerogative.

The entire letter from Mr. Baek is posted on

On June 7, Mr. Baek publicly notified Professor Kim via a YouTube comment that Baek Jun-heum, Kim Seong-tae, Chae Sang-hoon, and twenty-nine others plan to sue on June 8 Professor Kim, Mr. Jeong, and Mr. Hwang Jin-moo of a YouTube channel called ANewManKorea for “defamation.”

As Dr. Tara O aptly points out, “the truth is not a defense against defamation, and that the burden of proof is on the accused in South Korea.” Now, one can clearly see that suing someone for libel is being used in effect as a form of censorship to silence the truth seekers in South Korea today, as is evidenced by the latest defamation lawsuit filed by Moon Jae-in’s chief of staff Im Jong-seok, a quintessential Jusapa (Kim Il-sung cult member) and North Korean sympathizer, against Dr. Ji Man-won.

Let us go back to the gold robbery case. According to Mr. Jeong’s testimony, Richard P. Lawless, who later served as Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs, entered into an agreement with Mr. Jeong to share this gold. The Confidentiality Agreement dated November 29, 1999 states that they “wish to engage in a joint project to excavate a possible site of a former Japanese military installation in or about the city of Busan, the Republic of Korea, and retrieve any findings at the site.” Mr. Jeong still has an authentic copy of the contract. Mr. Lawless later resigned as Deputy Under Secretary after CBS (Christian Broadcasting System) exposed this agreement in April 2007.

Mr. Jeong’s story of betrayal and robbed gold is painstakingly documented in his book titled Hwang-geum Baek-hap Jak-jun (Operation Golden Lily). In this book and his other subsequent writings, Mr. Jeong exposes Moon Jae-in’s persistent obstruction of justice when Moon was the most powerful official under the Roh Moo-hyun administration. Moon, as Senior Secretary to the President for Civil Affairs, was in charge of overseeing the conduct of government officials and the fair administration of the law.  In that capacity, Moon used every opportunity to obstruct justice and cover up the gold robbery by ordering the cessation of investigations into the gold robbery and inquiries concerning the existence of the tunnel made by the Japanese army during the Pacific War. It was in that tunnel where the gold bullion was hidden and where approximately 1,000 innocent conscripted laborers were buried alive by the Japanese army after the completion of the tunnel to conceal it and the hidden treasures’ existence. According to Chalmers Johnson, “Slave labourers and POWs dug tunnels and caves and then were invariably buried alive, often along with Japanese officers and soldiers, when the sites were sealed to keep their locations secret.”   

Inveterate liars (3)
A man holding a hostage at Moon Jae-in’s office and demanding an arrest of Moon Jae-in “the gold robber”

Until early 2016, this story was sporadically reported by various newspapers and magazines despite tremendous efforts to suppress such information. It even made the headlines in December 2015, when an estranged member of the gold robbers broke into the office of Moon Jae-in and held a hostage, demanding an immediate arrest of Moon Jae-in “the gold robber.” But since Moon Jae-in usurped power in 2017, no news outlet has dared to report this. Even small, right-leaning news outlets refrain from reporting this story. Perhaps they do not want a fate worse than that of Byun Hee-jae. Now, only a handful of tough-minded, pro-liberty YouTube channels are covering this earth-shaking scandal.

At issue here is whether the tunnel discovered by Mr. Jeong was made by the Japanese. Mr. Baek insists that the tunnel was made well after the Japanese occupation and thus cannot possibly hold any gold hidden by the Japanese army.

According to news reports by Newsis, a reputable Korean wire service, however, credible expert witnesses testified in court or submitted affidavits that the tunnel features unmistakable characteristics of Japanese wartime technology, such as the rectangular shape of the tunnel instead of an arc shape, which is prevalent in postwar, modern technology. The bores used for the explosives to make the tunnel also have the same dimensions as those used by the wartime Japanese, which are different in size from their modern equivalents.

Most importantly, the use of explosives for excavation was prohibited under modern South Korean laws, and thus explosives were not used in any postwar tunneling near the site, which was performed with the permission of the city authorities. But the experts attest that the tunnel in question was undoubtedly excavated with explosives.

Why would these expert witnesses with excellent credentials lie under oath, thereby risking their reputation for the rest of their lives? They did not have any incentives to lie in court. But the Korean judges’ amazing ability to bend the law for their convenience has been thoroughly demonstrated by the absurd impeachment process and the ridiculous trials that followed. Moreover, there was evidence that the tunnel was tampered with by Mr. Baek and his associates to make it look modern by throwing PVC pipes into the tunnel en masse. All this evidence was ignored, just as in the trial of President Park. For some reason, Mr. Baek still refuses to show the tunnel to any third-party observers, which would make it easy to determine once and for all who has been lying.

Search results of the Blue House petitions about Munhyun-dong gold robbery
A deleted petition

After TePyung TV’s broadcast on June 1, 2018, several petitions were made at the Blue House website for an investigation of the gold robbery and Moon Jae-in’s involvement in it. All of them have been swiftly deleted by the Blue House. This constitutes an infringement of free speech. This fact was picked up by TePyung TV, which promptly reported the deletions it recovered from the cached pages of the Google search engine. The deleted petitions contained no expletives. They were formal requests without a hint of indecency. Then a really strange thing happened. Within 24 hours of this reporting, the cached pages of the deleted petitions vaporized, along with their links.

This could have been done only by the Blue House, which must have requested that Google remove the cached pages of the deleted petitions and their links. This demonstrates just how desperate the Blue House is to suppress the information about Moon Jae-in’s involvement in the gold robbery. Why would they go to such lengths otherwise? It should be noted that petitions for an investigation of the Druking case (which concerns an online opinion rigging scandal) and Moon Jae-in’s involvement in it have not been deleted even though those petitions have existed for months and also call for an investigation of Moon Jae-in. Why the difference?

In March 2002, which coincided with the discovery of the hidden gold, Roh Moo-hyun suddenly emerged out of obscurity to become the odds-on-favorite to win the presidential election, which he eventually did win later that year. Once the Blue House was occupied by Roh Moo-hyun, his administration did everything it could to cover up the gold robbery. According to Mr. Jeong, Moon Jae-in was the man who personally directed the cover-up.

An independent account of a Japanese expert named Kobayashi confirmed that the gold hidden in the Moon-hyun Dong area was most certainly handed over to the powers that be. Kobayashi also said that he knew the specific details about how this was done but refrained from divulging further information. This was reported on September 26, 2008 by Ilyo Seoul.

Among the petitions regarding the gold robbery and Moon Jae-in’s involvement, there is only one that remains undeleted: the one submitted by none other than Mr. Baek himself. In his petition to Moon Jae-in, Mr. Baek says, “I am deeply worried that TePyung TV vows to keep reporting on the gold robbery case and President Moon’s involvement in it. . . . With the viewers now standing at 78,500 and counting, things are rushing toward great complication. . . . TePyung TV says they won’t stop until the President goes to the gallows. I am truly worried. Please punish those spreading false information to warn against others.” Why the worries? Why the censorship?

Could it be that Moon Jae-in is like Robert De Niro’s character in the movie Goodfellas, the one who brutally murders his accomplices to cover up his robbery? Could it be that Moon Jae-in had Roh Moo-hyun, his friend and former president of South Korea, murdered and disguised as a suicide? Could it be that Moon Jae-in used the proceeds from the gold robbery to overthrow the Park presidency and usurp power? Could it be that Moon Jae-in fears the spreading of word about the gold robbery far more than that about the Druking case because the gold robbery case, when substantiated, will indeed guarantee his encounter with the gallows? We will see. The lid is open, and the cat is out.

Inveterate liars (2)


As of June 13, 2018, all the links in this press release are working. If any of the old Korean news links (some dating as far back as 2002), becomes defunct anytime soon, it is a sure sign of Moon Jae-in and his minions at work, tampering with evidence pointing to their guilt. Rest assured that all the web pages linked in this post have been saved and can be retrieved upon request.

Confidentiality Agreement between Choong-Je Jung and Richard Lawless

The following are images of the Confidentiality Agreement entered into on 29th November, 1999 regarding a joint project to excavate a possible site of a former Japanese military installation in or about the city of Busan, the Republic of Korea, and retrieve any findings at the site.

This agreement was entered into by and between Choong-Je Jung, Author of The Golden Lily Operation, Young-Joon Bae, and Richard Lawless, former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs. Continue reading Confidentiality Agreement between Choong-Je Jung and Richard Lawless

A Cover-up? Byun Hee-jae Arrested for Exposing Lies of Sohn Suk-hee, JTBC, and Prosecutors

Seoul, South Korea May 31, 2018 – Byun Hee-jae was arrested on May 30, 2018 in what many view as a desperate attempt to cover up the deception of JTBC and the prosecution after an expert witness from the National Forensic Service (NFS) exposed the blatant lies of Sohn Suk-hee, JTBC, and prosecutors by flatly contradicting their false claim that the NFS confirmed the identity of the user of the tablet PC as Choi Soon-sil.

According to, Dr. Na Gi-hyun of the NFS testified in court on May 23, 2018 that NFS’s forensic report does NOT specify Choi Soon-sil as the user of the tablet PC that according to JTBC, NFS “proved” to have been owned and used by Choi. When questioned who NFS concludes used the tablet PC, Dr. Na refused to answer the question, only saying that it should be determined by the court based on the forensic analysis. Dr. Na was the one who performed the actual forensic analysis of the tablet PC at NFS. Continue reading A Cover-up? Byun Hee-jae Arrested for Exposing Lies of Sohn Suk-hee, JTBC, and Prosecutors

Fox News Contributor Declares Moon Jae-in a “North Korean Sympathizer” 

Fox News Contributor Gordon Chang Declares Moon Jae-in a “North Korean Sympathizer”

Gordon Chang, author of Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes on the World and the Coming Collapse of China, said in an interview with Fox News on May 27, 2018, “Moon Jae-in is very pro-North Korea. He’s surrounded himself with the people who actually want North Korea to take over the South. So I get a bit nervous when I see both Kim and Moon in the same place, because there you’ve got a North Korean and a North Korean sympathizer.” Continue reading Fox News Contributor Declares Moon Jae-in a “North Korean Sympathizer”