Korean Patriotic Citizens’ Assembly (KPCA or TePyung in Korean) is a group of Korean people who have risen against the threat of evil force that are Communists, Globalists, and their puppets.

Led by Minister Kim Si-hwan and Professor Kim Ilsun, Tepyung consists of patriotic citizens who agree that Koreans must stand up against those who want to sacrifice Koreans in their evil attempt to dominate Northeast Asia.

Tepyung has been actively working to reinstate the national sovereignty of the Republic of Korea (ROK) that is under attack by holding anti-China, pro-US and pro-Israel rallies and broadcasting in-depth analyses on the evil forces behind the current political crisis following the illegal impeachment of President Park Geun-hye.

Tepyung believes that Park Geun-hye is the legitimate president of the ROK, that Moon Jae-in is an impostor and usurper who stole the presidency by deceit and conspiracy hatched by the Globalists such as Henry Kissinger and the Communists of North Korea and China, and that God will use President Trump of the US to recover the sovereignty of ROK and renew ROK as the Christian Nation that upholds the truth and justice of GOD.


Tepyung TV

Tepyung is running a Youtube channel named “Tepyung TV.”  Tepyung TV broadcasts a wide range of programs including Casey Ilsun Kim’s in-depth analysis on political news, public declarations, special guest interviews, and panel discussions both in Korea and in the US. Among such programs, [Kim Ilsun’s Bull’s-eye] and [Eugene Kim, Esq.] are broadcast in English. Other programs, broadcast in Korean, include “Sisa Talks” (Talks on Current Affairs) on every Friday, “Teguki Rally Live” on every Saturday, and “Haanpark Mobile Church” on every Sunday.


Teguki Rallies

On every Saturday, Tepyung holds Teguki rallies near the Embassy of Communist China. This is to protest against the Chinese collusion in the unconstitutional impeachment of President Park Geun-hye and against the hidden hands of the Globalists behind this usurpation attempt of the national sovereignty of Korea. We then proceed to the US Embassy in order to reconfirm and strengthen the ROK-US-Israel Blood Alliance. In these rallies, we chant “Globalists Out,” “Communists Out,” “China Out,” “Moon Jae-in Out,” “US-Korea-Israel Liberty Alliance Forever,” and “Reinstate President Park Geun-hye.”


Minister Kim Si-hwan

Haanpark Church

Most members of Tepyung believe in God. Minister Kim Si-hwan is a historian who immigrated to the US several decades ago. He returned to Korea in early 2017 in order to awaken Korean people and direct them toward the law of God. Expounding on why we appear to be losing a God-given republic, Minister Kim not only provides political analyses in accordance with the Word of God but also encourages Tepyung members to believe in and act boldly upon the will of God.


National Sovereignty University

There is a pressing need for raising up a generation capable of leading the Republic of Korea according to the will of God. Tepyung is offering a training program specially designed to meet this need. Graduates of this program will emerge with requisite abilities to cope with the current political crisis and build a new Christian Nation Korea.


Introducing Members – Tepyung is nothing without you.

Tepyung consists of Koreans who devote their time, energy, and passion to save this God-blessed nation, Republic of Korea. Their effort shall never be forgotten–in this world or the next. Thank you and God bless you.

Korea is nothing without Teguki Army. Teguki Army is nothing without God.

Teguki Army. The Force that Defends Korea.









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