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★Trump’s Public Opinion Steering to Arrest Moon


Gordon Chang, a Chinese-American expert and author on the nuclear threats posed by communist China and North Korea, recently appeared on Fox News.

This is the start of the process of steering public opinion in favor of President Trump arresting Moon Jae-in, a communist fake president who illegally occupied Republic of Korea’s Blue House and usurped the sovereignty of South Korea.

Here are the key points that Gordon Chang made during his Fox News appearance:

  • Moon Jae-in is “very pro-North Korea.”
  • Moon Jae-in “has surrounded himself with people who actually want North Korea to take over the South.”
  • Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un are “much too cozy.”
  • Kim Jong-un made a conciliatory gesture that was out of the ordinary for him. He is not hiding his desire to meet Trump whatever it takes.

This is a signal that Trump’s punishment of Moon Jae-in is starting. Continue reading ★Trump’s Public Opinion Steering to Arrest Moon