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★The Secret of President Trump’s Chessboard – The Calm before the Post-Singapore Storm

President Trump has taken charge and he alone is setting up the pieces on the chessboard. The pawns in this chess game are Henry Kissinger, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un, and Moon Jae-in. Therefore, the scenarios to be played out are entirely up to Trump.

One of the questions many Korea observers have is why Kim Jong-un, just after the Singapore summit, visited Xi Jinping again. Trump’s high-level operation to take down Xi Jinping is the reason.

Trump must consider four main issues in setting up his chessboard.

The first is Xi Jinping’s dilemma. Regardless of his outward expressions towards Kim Jong-un during their recent meeting, Xi Jinping was constantly worried about what Trump was thinking. In fact, it was precisely because Xi Jinping wanted to evaluate Trump’s reaction that he invited Kim Jong-un to Beijing. Thus, Xi Jinping confirmed that Trump’s real purpose for the Singapore summit was to secure a pro-US government in Pyongyang. A North Korea allied with the US can be a bridgehead from which to end the domination of Kissinger, communist China, and the Globalists in Northeast Asia.

Xi Jinping is between a rock and a hard place. He has to figure out how to hold onto Kim Jong-un, re-establish the staggering Kissinger, deal with the trade war against the United States, prepare for a naval war against Taiwan, and whether he will allow China to democratize. All at once.

The most beneficial approach is to allow China to become a democracy. That is also the best path for Xi Jinping’s survival. Continue reading ★The Secret of President Trump’s Chessboard – The Calm before the Post-Singapore Storm