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★The Steps Trump Must Take to Defeat Kissinger

What was the original purpose of the US-North Korea summit?  And what misguided purpose can the talks take?

To state the conclusion, it is not only Kim Jong-un whose life is at stake in the US-North Korea talks, but also Moon Jae-in.

The reason why denuclearization became the focus of the Korean Peninsula issue is because fundamentally we have to solve the genocide and human rights crisis.  We know this is happening in the North, but Moon Jae-in is bringing it to the South as well.

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★Eight Cities, One Affair. Connecting the Dots

[TePyung TV]

May 14th, 2018

[Eugene Kim, Esq.]

□ Washington, Wednesday, May 9th After President Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal, Obama, in a rare move since he left office, issued a public statement criticizing the decision as a mistake.

While Obama was in office, Iran maintained its weapons programs with the help of a secret deal with North Korea. Obama’s policy of strategic patience made the Iran-North Korea deal possible. It was a terrible strategy that resulted in direct threats against the US.

Kim Dae-jung’s policy of pouring money into North Korea had the same effect for South Korea – it allowed North Korea to rapidly develop its nuclear program.

Obama’s criticism confirms his identity as a traitor to the American people and a defender of evil.

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